Toniebox Audio system for children - Light Blue

Toniebox Audio system for children - Light Blue

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The Toniebox Starter Set is a new audio system for kids.

Take music and bedtime stories wherever you go with cute characters, simple controls and no bright screens. Just place a Tonie on the speaker to start your audio adventure.

How It Works
Place a Tonie character on the speaker to play music and stories. Once a new Tonie is added, kids can play their story anywhere. Tap the sides to switch tracks, take off the Tonie to stop and press the ears to change the volume. It’s that easy!

Made for Kids
Softly padded with no hard edges, the Toniebox kids’ speaker has simple controls that even 3-year-olds can use. And with up to 7 hours battery life, children will love listening to their favourite music and stories on the go.

Loved by Parents
Welcome to screen-free play. Toniebox kids’ speakers replace bright, over-stimulating screens with simple tactile controls. Setting up is child’s play.

The Toniebox Starter Set comes with a Creative-Tonie. This hand- painted figure can play 90 minutes of your own music, audiobooks and kids’ voice recordings. Simply add your audio, record fun messages and get creative.

Choose from ready-to-play Tonies with bedtime stories or music to grow your library. Each sold separately.

Age suitability

Designed just for kids ages 3 and up, the Toniebox is a great companion for independent play. The controls are designed with little listeners (and little hands) in mind, so kids can easily adjust volume, fast forward, rewind and change stories all on their own.