Fabliekosaurus Organic Cotton Blanket
Fabliekosaurus Organic Cotton Blanket
Fabliekosaurus Organic Cotton Blanket

Fabliekosaurus Organic Cotton Blanket

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Fabliekosaurus unlike all other dinosaurs loved to drink milk and play with rattles. As he was getting older, his favorite meal was candy and he loved to spend time watching cartoons. Now this unique dinosaur is depicted an organic cotton blanket.
This blanket is made from a slightly thicker yarns than most other Fabliek balnkets, making it more solid and heavier. It is very soft in touch and the uncombed white yarn adds additional touch to the blanket, making the surface irregular, spotted with little soft bumps. All this makes the blanket unique and special.
The blanket is packed in a cotton sack with two pompoms attached. It is a perfect gift proposition both for baby shower as well as for your own little baby.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 20 cm

80×100 cm

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100% organic cotton


raw cotton backpack with 2 cute pompons