Beluga Whales Kids/Baby Wall Sticker
Beluga Whales Kids/Baby Wall Sticker
Beluga Whales Kids/Baby Wall Sticker
Beluga Whales Kids/Baby Wall Sticker

Beluga Whales Kids/Baby Wall Sticker

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Sailing by beluga
Drifting through the night
Curled up and snuggly
Hold on tight

A marvellous world awaits with this beautiful fabric wall sticker 'Beluga Whales'. Discover a magical land where gentle giants float through marshmallow clouds and stars dance in the moonlight. Create a space where your child can imagine, dream and grow.

These delightful wall stickers are removable, reusable and even scrunchable! This incredible wall sticker range is PVC free, are NOT VINYL and have a beautiful soft fabric finish. Super easy to apply and they wont damage your walls. The individual pieces are easily removed from the backing paper and placed on the wall.

The wall stickers are a fun and interactive activity for children and a great way to encourage creativity in their bedroom. They can be moved around many times, so you can have lots of fun rearranging the look of the room. 


1 X Mother and Baby Whale 121cm x 66cm
1 X Double Hot Air Balloon in Clouds 61cm x 38cm
1 X Moon 13cm x 17cm
6 X Hot Air Balloon / Assorted Colours 7cm x 10cm
1 X Cloud with Single Hot Air Balloon 35cm x 21cm
9 x Clouds / Assorted Colours and Sizes
10 x White Stars


  • Removable
  • Movable over & over, 100's of times
  • Sticks to almost any surface
  • Instant WOW for decorating your home
  • Beautiful fabric-like finish 
  • PVC Free 
  • Not suitable for use on 'easy clean' wall paint