Create a wonderland of dreams for your little one with our range of Schmooks wall stickers

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When I had Lily five years ago, as she was my first baby I really wanted to create an amazing nursery for her. I didn't have a specific theme in mind but I knew I wanted the space to be whimsical, enchanting, dreamy and super girly and pretty. After lots of pinterest and instagram research, I discovered the most beautiful wall sticker brand from Australia, Schmooks. Schmooks was born out of artist and designer Claire Cimbora’s love of illustration and kids’ room decor. Claire’s whimsical world is perfectly showcased in her award-winning artworks and wall decals. Her enchanting range of timeless artwork is inspired by storybooks, fairytales and the sweetest of creatures.

As soon as I discovered this range of wall stickers, I knew that once I set up my shop (a distant dream at the time), I knew I would be stocking this range. As with everything else in my range, I am really selective in what I stock and it can take me quite a while to decide what I am going introduce to my range but with this one I knew instantly. 

Schmooks Sleepy Moon pink wall sticker lou and belle

The Sleepy Moon Pink is the sticker that I had to have for Lily's nursery, it is just so pretty and its hard to do it justice in photos. I love the description...

A magical land awaits with Schmooks fabric wall sticker 'Sleepy Moon'. Bring enchantment and wonder to your child's bedroom as their imaginations are whisked away into marvellous lands of moons that wink and stars that giggle. 

A quiet moon, 
A gentle glow,
Softly lights, 
the world below.

Anyone who visits our house and sees the sticker always fall in love with too.I particularly love this range as the stickers are moveable, they won't damage walls, they are PVC free, and they really last the test of time, as I said I have had our sticker up for 5 years. What has been so handy for us is that when we have had to move our cots/beds around the girls room, we can easily move the stickers.

There are loads of different designs in the range and Claire the creator is always adding more, each time she launches a new design, I fall in love and I know I have to have it at Lou and Belle, I want to stock them all. I am so proud that Lou and Belle brought these amazing wall stickers to Ireland and that we are the only stockist. And I love that you guys love them as much as I do. 

Here are some more of my favourites:

Sleepy Moon Blue wall sticker Lou and Belle

This is the Sleepy Moon Blue sticker, perfect for a nursery or a playroom.

Unicorn and Butterflies Schmooks wall sticker Lou and Belle

The Unicorns and Butterflies sticker is perfect for an older child too.

Beluga Whales Schmooks Wall stick lou and belle

The Beluga Whales sticker is really great for any sea lovers and I really like the idea of the Mama & Baby Whale in a nursery - how cute!

Balloon Dreams Schmooks Wallsticker Lou and Belle

This is one of the new designs from Schmooks and it is called Balloon Dreams and it really is so dreamy.


Peonies and Roses Schmooks Wall sticker Lou and Belle

The Peonies and Butterflies wall sticker is really flexible as you can create your own design and feature with the different size flowers and butterflies. 

Fairy Garden Schmooks Wall sticker Lou and Belle

And finally peek into the magic world of the Fairy Garden. Hidden amongst the soft pastel flowers and delicate butterflies a fairy world will be discovered. How many fairies will you and your little one find?

This is a just a selection of some of the amazing Schmooks wall stickers we stock at Lou and Belle, Ireland. You can see the full range at our beautiful boutique, just visit

Thanks for reading, Ali xxx


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