A tiny bit of Magic...excited to launch my new gift packaging.

Although I have received loads of lovely positive feedback on my gift box and gift cards, there is always room for improvement. I discovered Laura from @pickledpompom on Instagram and as soon as I saw her work, I knew we could work together to create something special.  Laura is a textile, print and pattern designer and is a creative genius in my book. Many of her designs have been featured on high street clothing ranges. She also creates her own beautiful range of cards and prints which she sells on Etsy and in retail outlets. (@pickledpompom)

My brief to Laura was to help me give me my current gift box and gift cards an injection of whimsy and beauty. My inspiration for everything Lou and Belle are Lily 'Lou' and Stella 'Belle', my two little girls. For a very long time I have been a bit obsessed with Stars, hence my daughter Stella's name. Last year, when I told Lily (my four year old) that Stella meant Star, she looked at me very seriously and just blurted out and 'Lily means Heart'...so these symbols are a big part of my brand identity. Its funny how the universe works, as a kid my go to doodles were Stars and Hearts so the subconscious mind is obviously at play.

Laura has created 'a tiny bit of magic' with a range of four beautiful cards that will go into every delivery with either a thank you from me or if your gift is going to direct to your recipient, leave a note with a personalised message and I will include this for you.

I've got new beautiful liners for my gift boxes in this beautiful constellation star and heart theme.

There is also a range of the cutest gift tags which I will attach to each gift that goes out.

Laura also improved my logo with some snazzy new type face.

At this very unsettling time, its funny how the tiny things can bring a smile and I have to say this packaging overhaul couldn't have come at a better time, I've spent ages ooogling over it. I love it, I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading

Ali x






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